Assessment of intellectual property

Consulting group "ARGO EXPERT" carries out an independent evaluation of the cost of: intellectual property
- Trademarks;
- Patents;
- Know-how;
- Technical and technological documentation;
- Computer programs and databases;
- Industrial designs;
- Intangible assets.

Documents required for the valuation of intangible assets:
• documents confirming the act at the date assessment of evaluation (title documents, patent, industrial design, utility model or certificate on trademark or a licensing agreement, etc.).
• documents containing information about the presence of encumbrances acting on the object evaluation, including a pledge or encumbrance of debt, availability of license agreements, contracts, etc.
• documents which establish quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the assessment and conditions of its economic use.
• description of the object of intellectual property;
• description of the company that uses the object, copies of contracts for the transfer of rights to use ITNs;
• information on estimated analogues intellectual property (estimated difference object from its analogues);
• information about the costs of establishing and promotion of intellectual property;
• For the sale of objects made using estimated intellectual property (financial performance, consumers, competitors, territorial diversification of sales);
• Business plans of the company;
• market research where ispolzuyetsya IPO.

The present list is provisional and may be shortened or extended after detailed review appraiser with the task to assess the intellectual property.