An independent assessment of the value of cultural property

Consulting group "ARGO EXPERT" carries out an independent assessment of the value: cultural values.

Cultural values ??- objects of material and spiritual culture, having artistic, historical, ethnographic and scientific value and subject to preservation, restoration and protection under the law Ukraine, namely:

• original artistic paintings, drawings and sculptures, artistic composition and editing of any material, works of decorative and traditional folk art;
• items related to historical events, the development of society and the state, history, science and culture, as well as those relating to the life and work of prominent figures of the state, political parties, public and religious organizations, science, culture and art;
• museum significant unearthed during archaeological excavations;
• components and fragments of architectural, historical, artistic monuments and monumental art;
• old books and other publications that are historical, artistic, scientific and literary value, individually or in collections;
• manuscripts and incunabula, old books, archive documents, including film, photography and fonodokumenty, singly or in collections;
• unique and rare musical instruments;
• weapons that has artistic, historic, ethnographic and scientific value;
• rare stamps, philatelic other materials, alone or in a collection;
• rare coins, medals, medals, stamps and other collectibles;
• zoological collections that have scientific, cultural, educational, scientific or aesthetic value;
• rare collections and specimens of flora and fauna, mineralogy, anatomy and paleontology.