An independent evaluation of machinery and equipment

Consulting group "ARGO EXPERT" carries out an independent assessment of the value of machinery and equipment:
- Batch processing equipment;
- Special equipment;
- Technological line (universal, special, technological complex);
- Office equipment, computers, communications equipment;
- Construction and road machinery, hoisting machinery.
Order can assess both legal and natural persons.

Documents necessary for the evaluation of machinery and equipment:
• document confirming ownership of the property (copy of the contract for the purchase / supply equipment);
• full name of the equipment (make, model, series);
• factory / firm, country producer;
• year;
• Specifications object (power, weight, dimensions, performance, etc. - according to technical documentation);
• inventory number, and complete the remaining book value of the last reporting date before the valuation date (if the owner of the object - a legal person)
• For the conservation and maintenance (replacement of components, assemblies, improvement).