An independent evaluation of the cost of business, stocks of companies and organizations

Consulting group "ARGO EXPERT" carries out an independent evaluation of the cost of business, stocks of companies and organizations:
• operating companies;
• stocks, shares quoted on the stock exchange;
• deposits, licenses for exploration;
• investment projects;
• business;
• banks shares.

Documents required for assessment of the business / company

Information on the company:
• a description and history of the company;
• main activities;
• Information on share issue;
• development plans of the company;
• Information on dividend payment (payment history, size);
• Information about subsidiaries, affiliates and otherwise.

Legal documents:
• constituent documents;
• For corporations: Reports on the outcome of securities, shareholder data;
• documents of title to real estate, technical documentation on equipment, machinery,
• cars PDD;
• information on trademarks, patents and brands.

Information about the production:
• The outputs (characteristic volume) / services provided;
• brief description of the production (technology, production capacity, production retrospective for the last 3 years, the forecast of production);
• production costs (for each product);
• the maximum amount of production (production capacity) of the key products;
• data on marketing - selling prices, sales in the last three years, sales plan, purchase, minimum inventory products;
• Data on the supply of raw materials (suppliers, payments to suppliers).

• the last three years, for the last year - quarterly;
• Form 1, 2, 3, 4, 5;
• payroll;
• information on mandatory payments to the budget and extrabudgetary funds;
• decoding reporting on the valuation date, lists of fixed assets, intangible assets, data on construction in progress, investments;
• data on stocks and expenses on other assets;
• decoding receivables and payables;
• last accounting auditor.

This list is preliminary and may change depending on the purpose and specific object of evaluation.