Forensic expert

Forensic examination is a study on the basis of special knowledge in the field of science, technology, art, crafts, etc. objects, phenomena and processes in order to provide an opinion on matters that are or will be subject to judicial review.
PP "Consulting Group "ARGO-EXPERT" conducts such forensic examinations and expert studies:
• Construction and technical
• Photographic
• Estimated construction
• Land-technical
• Estimated land
• Automotive
• Economic
• Commodity study
• Automotive products

o Expert examination of agricultural machinery
o Examination of vehicle write-offs

• Postgraduate studies
• Art studies
• Rail transport
• Technical examination of documents
• Intellectual Property

o Investigation of industrial property objects
o Research of objects of copyright
o Investigation of related rights objects

In accordance with the change from 10/03/2017 to the Law of Ukraine "On Forensic Examination" (25/02/1994), expert studies are carried out that require special knowledge and the use of methods of forensic science and forensic examination on behalf of:
• the court;
• law enforcement agencies;
• Officials of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine;
• State Customs Service of Ukraine;
• State executive service;
• Lawyers;
• Defenders and individuals who defend their interests independently and their representatives;
• notaries;
• banking institutions;
• insurance companies;
• other legal entities and individuals.

The results of expert studies are described in the written conclusions of expert studies in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

To date, judicial independent expertise in Ukraine is a reliable contributor to disputes requiring specialist knowledge. Expert investigations and forensic examinations carried out by experts of the PP "Consulting Group "ARGO-EXPERT" have repeatedly served as a pillar in resolving litigation and asserting the rule of law principle.